Romie Chaudhari

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Principal

Romie Chaudhari is a Miami-based entrepreneur who has spent his career developing real estate projects, building companies and making investments in a wide array of businesses.

As a graduate of Tufts University and USC’s Marshall School of Business, Mr. Chaudhari launched his first business venture in graduate school—a healthcare company. After college, with a chemical engineering degree, Mr. Chaudhari worked as a design and petroleum engineer at Raytheon, a defense company, before turning his focus to real estate.

Mr. Chaudhari’s first real estate investment was in 1999—an apartment building in Somerville, Massachusetts—and he has expanded ever since by quickly grasping the quantitative skills necessary to accurately assess investment opportunities. Mr. Chaudhari has engaged in numerous successful developments in both urban and suburban areas across the country. He has also created successful partnerships in markets nationwide with primary real estate holdings in Miami and Los Angeles.

Mr. Chaudhari’s success has been built on his knowledge, hard work, and affability which has allowed him to cultivate meaningful relationships with investors, developers, brokers and contractors. In addition, his projects succeed due to the respect he receives from residents, community activists and local politicians.

Mr. Chaudhari has an unwavering commitment to improve upon local communities while at the same time, making strategic, long-term investments. His passion is rooted in personal experience moving from one neighborhood to the next as a child and understanding the challenges inherent in these areas.

Mr. Chaudhari’s real estate success has also enabled him to expand the family office into other areas, most notably professional sports teams, both traditional and esports. In 2016, Mr. Chaudhari became a co-owner, director and board member of the English Premier League football club, Swansea City. In the same year, Mr. Chaudhari made an investment in the Immortals, a professional esports team. In 2018, he became a co-owner of the MLS soccer team DC United and he also became the sole owner of the South East Melbourne Phoenix, an expansion team of Australia’s top basketball league (the NBL).

Mr. Chaudhari dedicates himself to many philanthropic activities. Through the Chaudhari Family Foundation, Mr. Chaudhari seeks to tackle healthcare, clean water and vision care / blindness which are significant challenges in underdeveloped and underserved parts of the world. Mr. Chaudhari is a founding investor in WaterEquity, the first impact investment manager dedicated to ending the global water crisis. Co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, WaterEquity invests in water and sanitation businesses reaching families living in poverty throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Mr Chaudhari is also a major donor for, the international non-profit which launched WaterEquity.